Working past the age of 65 isn't just about the money

In line with the Singapore Prime Minister's call to re-employ workers beyond the age of 65, SingPost said it continues to retain its older workers as a valuable manpower source.

Under its re-employment initiative introduced in 1994, called Rehire of Retiree Scheme, SingPost said about 70%of its retired staff have been rehired as of February 2013. Where possible, the company will redesign the jobs of its mature workers.

One of them is 66-year old Sani Mokjie, who has worked at SingPost since 1968. A few months before his 62nd birthday, he was asked if he wanted to retire or continue working. The decision for him was an easy one. He said: "I'm the type that cannot stay at home. I've already taken two weeks to stay at home to try, but it felt boring, so luckily, I got an offer from SingPost to share my experience."

SingPost re-designed Sani's job after his retirement to tap on his expertise. He now trains postmen to do the job he was doing nearly 40 years ago. It is something he finds fulfilling and hopes to continue working until he is 70.

The same could be said for Mohamed Hamim, who shows no sign of stopping. The 63-year old hustles from one counter staff to the other, overseeing their duties. Hamim, who is now a branch manager, said: "I enjoy working. I hope I can keep active and healthy."

He plans to continue to work as a branch manager for the next two years, before trying something new.

Six months before employees at SingPost reach their retirement age, they will meet with their supervisors to discuss if they will continue on. The employee's health and overall work performance is taken into consideration, and if it is decided they will continue to work, their salary will remain the same.

Mature workers at SingPost can also request for flexi work arrangements, as long as the arrangement does not affect operations.

To further support its older workers, SingPost has also implemented new equipment to reduce physical strain -- like a three-wheeled motorbike to carry heavier loads and trolleys for sorting mail.

30th July 2013