High skills still rare in Malaysia


Only 28% of the 12 million workers in Malaysia are highly skilled, Deputy HR Minister Datuk Ismail Abdul Mutalib has told Bernama.

To overcome this problem, the HR Ministry will cooperate actively with the Education Ministry and the private sector to achieve a target of 50% of the workforce comprising highly skilled workers by the year 2020, the Minister said.

Ismail added that registration for vocational courses would be increased in time to reach 300,000 places, up from only about 130,000 places currently.

He cited strategic cooperation with the private sector as being important in efforts to transfer technology and expertise from abroad to locals.

“We will increase forums at the international level, such as the one today where the local delegates who were present had vast opportunities to exchange ideas with (those in) developed nations such as Australia and the UK,” he said at the ‘Transforming the Skills Workforce: Realising Opportunities and Challenges’ conference organised by The National Association of Private Educational Institutions (NAPEI) in collaboration with The Victoria State Government, Australia. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between Malaysia’s institutions of higher learning and Vocational and Education Training (VET) providers from the Australian state of Victoria.

The MoU aims to strengthen Malaysia’s VET education while enhancing higher education courses through collaborations with education service providers from Victoria.

22nd July 2013