War rages on for talent in Southeast Asia

The red-hot war for talent in the region is not likely to abate anytime soon.

In the 2013 Global Recruiting Trends Report by LinkedIn, recruiting highly skilled talent was found to be the most important priority for 44% of talent acquisition professionals in Southeast Asia.

Some 39% of respondents in SEA were concerned with pipelining talent, compared with 25% globally. ‘Competition’ was also cited more frequently as an obstacle to talent attraction compared to elsewhere.

Despite the importance of obtaining talent, talent professionals are still expected to do more with less as almost half of respondents in SEA (49%) expected an increase in hiring volumes this year, compared to 43% globally. Only 40% reported an increase in recruiting budgets.

‘Utilising social and professional networks’ was the top essential trend which SEA recruiters saw in the long-term (40%), ahead of things like finding better ways to source passive candidates (34%) and recruiting globally (10%).

18th July 2013