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Senior Process Engineer


IDJKT 1507-4

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Our Client is an NGO organization that employs people from all corners of the globe, all dedicated to meeting the professional standards expected of the world's leading campaigning organisation for the environment.

We look for dynamic team players who want to make a difference. We employ people with a wide variety of skills and experience including people to run our well-known campaigns, actions and ship unit, researchers, fundraisers, press officers, political, legal and human resources advisors, finance specialists and many more.

We are currently looking for a Regional Database Manager to cover Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia.


This is a strategic and forward thinking role that will maintain a focus on the future business direction of the organization through the use of supporter data and the current and anticipated processes surrounding it. Our data management systems will ensure that GPSEA is well informed about all existing and potential audiences that we communicate with. In order to do this, the position will investigate those audiences both qualitatively and quantitatively by carrying out expert data analysis, by working with our inhouse database team and by commissioning suppliers where necessary.

The Regional Database Manager will manage and coach the regional database team through the direct line management of the current two direct reports.

This position is managed by the Fundraising Director but demands a high degree of autonomy as a specialist in the field. The nature of the work is such that the incumbent must be inquisitive about all business areas of fundraising, understand the strategic direction of GPSEA and proactively seek audience insights and analysis that will continually inform and push the boundaries of these strategies.

The post will be required to travel across the region in order to form relationships with the fundraising offices

and staff and to understand firsthand the markets we operate in and the audiences that have potential to support the organization. There may also be opportunities for travel to Greenpeace global skill shares and to meet with specialists from other NROs.

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Key Duties

1. Database Development

Following the commissioning of a new database (Universe) on the Salesforce platform in February 2015, there is a need to continue developing the system to take advantage of its full potential:

• Universe Project Lead for GPSEA and main point of communication with the Greenpeace International (GPI) Universe steering committee

• Oversee the creation of new database systems and processes that meet current needs and anticipate the future needs of the GPSEA fundraising program

• Ensure that all key users are fully trained on operating the new database

• Work with staff in the Program Department to ensure that the system provides for the needs of all data users

2. Database Integration

Ensure effective integration between the new database and any other databases, including:

• GPSEA websites

• External data entry or analysis agencies

• Finance systems

• Program Department

3. Line Management

• Line manage the database team (currently 2 FTE)

• Provide coaching and support to ensure that the database team produce high quality work

• Carry out regular management and review meetings

• Set clear and achievable yearly and monthly objectives

• Identify relevant training and development needs and work with HR to identify effective Ways of providing development support

4. Budget Management

Develop and manage the regional database budget. Ensure that expenditure is monitored regularly and variances reported

5. Strategic Planning, Development and Support

• Create a strategy for the development of supporter intelligence and use it to inform all other strategic fundraising areas

• Active member of the Fundraising Management Team

• Full involvement in the strategic planning process and input into all key strategic plans that require data insights and intelligence

• Remain up to date on all fundraising strategies and how supporter intelligence can underpin these strategies

• Support the database team in the creation of a database marketing and analysis strategy

• Proactive and continual development of audience and marketplace insights that help to inform and stretch the fundraising strategies

• Oversee the creation of strong, accurate and user friendly planning models to aid the planning process

• Act as advisor and consultant to Fundraising Managers during the planning process.

6. Supporter Intelligence and Analysis

• Provide insightful and cutting edge intelligence and analysis to grow and develop the fundraising programs

• Continual development of marketplace and audience understanding through research and analysis

• Work with the database team to create a supporter segmentation in order to help develop more effective fundraising to these groups

• Produce strong and insightful analytical tools to monitor and evaluate supporters and inform the fundraising teams on their short and long term value, performance and other defined key performance indicators

• Identification of other analytical tools or suppliers that would add value to our supporter intelligence

7. Ensure The Database Team Delivers a Quality Data Service to the Organisation

Responsible for ensuring that the database team acts as a database and analytical service centre for the fundraising unit, ensuring the smooth running of fundraising appeals, database management and banking systems.

• Ensure strong database processes and systems are in place and being run efficiently so that the fundraising programs operate effectively and in a timely way

• Develop the team’s ability to prepare and present data analysis, insights and recommendations in a user friendly and understandable way

• Cultivate a strong sense of customer service within the database function and provide internal clients with a quality data experience

8. General Duties

From time to time in order to meet organisational and fu


Bachelor’s Degree

Educated to degree level in marketing, business, IT or other relevant field

• At least 4 years’ experience in CRM database systems and the use of high volume customer or Supporter data

• At least 5 years’ experience in budget management

• Demonstrable track record of database development

• At least 3 years’ experience in customer planning and analysis and applying insights strategically in a sales, marketing or fundraising environment

• At least 2 years’ experience in the line management and development of staff

• Experience of commissioning and or running qualitative and quantitative research that provides new audience/customer intelligence


Jakarta, Indonesia

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