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Head, Credit Operations


MYKL 1501-1

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Our Client is one of Malaysia’s leading retailers and boasts a network of 74 stores and has staff strength of over 1,800.


The individual will be responsible for our client’s credit sanctioning and managing credit risk. This includes implementation of robust credit and risk management strategies, development of new and profitable credit products/business models, organizational effectiveness, processes and controls, in-house systems, and MIS.


Development of appropriate credit policies & procedures which are aligned to corporate directives, business strategies and current economic conditions.

Develop the strategic plan for Credit and Portfolio Management which meets the company’s objectives.

Develop innovative and profitable credit products

Coordination and liaison with Marketing, Buyers and Operations Divisions to implement successful credit campaigns and promotions  

Develop and enhance existing MIS to support Credit, and Portfolio Management in a robust manner

Develop and implement goals, objectives and KPIs across the Division in line with corporate objectives

Continually measure and evaluate existing customer payment performance to validate appropriate credit products and policies

Evaluating and optimizing existing tools for risk management and fraud detection. This includes evaluation of scorecard and best practices.

Analyzing and understanding of historical data and customer history data for identifying specific risk characteristics and trends aimed at reducing losses while protecting top line sales and company’s profitability

Innovating key initiatives around portfolio management including: risk model development and deployment, trend analysis techniques and system requirements, documentation and processes necessary to support this

Working with the Operations Division to acquire new customers and grow credit sales in a profitable manner and to address any potential risk areas jointly  

Overseeing the implementation of new risk controls, assessing their results, and assisting in operational fine-tuning of risk controls.

Working closely and providing coordination between Systems team and operations teams to drive key process improvements.

Supports Internal Audit for compliance and development of risk management in your division.

Ensures articulation of company’s desired image and position and assures consistent communication both internally and externally.

Maintaining a highly productive, experienced and motivated organizational culture within the Division/Company consistent with the Company’s core values utilizing effective Management/Leadership tools (performance measurement, skills assessment and training, process training).


Bachelor's degree or Professional qualification required. MBA preferred

At least 6 to 10 years of relevant working experience

Strong knowledge of credit, risk management  and portfolio management

Thorough understanding of credit

Strong tactical execution, systems, analytical skills, interpersonal and communication skills required

Self-driver, entrepreneurial skills and results orientated


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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