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Assistant General Manager – Group Corporate Communications


MYKL 1412-3

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Our client is one of the biggest and most established Construction, Engineering and Property Development companies in Malaysia. The company has been in the business for more than 30 years and is dynamically growing in terms of projects and development.


Strategise and develop branding, corporate and internal communications initiatives and messages and oversee its implementation by the communications team.

Strategic planning and overseeing the team on the administration of promotions and publicity, and internal communication activities that will help realise the company’s positioning as the leading and foremost infrastructure organisation.

Lead in aligning the communications and crisis teams within the Group, especially from subsidiaries, associates and JV companies.

Provide value adding input, encourage synergistic collaboration among projects, monitor public policies and issues, and assess the business implication for action plan recommendation.

Develop overall communications strategies, providing both, internal and external audiences, with timely, accurate and honest information about the organization.


Develop strategies, objectives, plans, budgets and control systems necessary to effectively manage and operate the GCC function to ensure that the Group corporate objectives are met through the implementation of the set targets.

Facilitate the development of integrated short and long-term Internal Publications and Communications plan for the realisation of the Group’s strategic objectives through positive image building and correct public relations positioning.

Work closely with all relevant parties related to the Group, by monitoring the Group’s usage of corporate identity, statements and consistent upholding of the Group’s Corporate Identity manual for house styling on the proper usage of CI, colour schemes, typography to ensure consistent projection of the brand as well as maximum public recognition and awareness of the Group’s total corporate identity programme.

Plan strategies and sustain effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between the Group’s GCC and the Group’s subsidiaries, associates and JV companies to enhance work relations and heighten work efficiency.

Produce and coordinate the publication and production of the Group’s literature for consistency of image, approach and information.

Conceptualise and supervise the production and publication of ‘persuasive’ corporate advertising materials to be in line with the policies and guidelines of the company.

Commissioning of audio-visuals such as presentation of video tapes and still photographs together with their cataloguing, distribution and maintenance.

Promote brand awareness with both direct and indirect stakeholders via various dissemination tools i.e. on-line systems and/or publications to enhance the Group’s brand image.

Provide consultancy, advisory and support services to all the Group’s subsidiaries, associates and JV companies in matters related to crisis, public relations and stakeholders’ communications.

Lead, supervise, motivate and support the professional and supporting staff of the Group’s GCC and public relations personnel in carrying out their tasks, responsibilities and duties.


Minimum of 10 years experience in Corporate Communications, preferably from the construction industry.

Hands-on experience in crisis management.


Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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