Job Title

Technical Support Manager


CNSH 1409-12

Job Description

Our client is the industry leader for polyamide and polyester engineering plastics. It is from engineering plastics production and processing, quality control, research and development to technical support, provide 360 - degree all-round services to customers.


Be in charge of the Technical Support to our customer (Molding trials, new materials tryout, problem solving, troubleshooting…)


Responsible for direct contact with the customer in the material selection phasis to suggest the most suitable material on the basis of deep knowledge of the company’s products and of the customer’s applications and requirements

Responsible for the supervision of molding trials and samplings at the customer’s site

Responsible for troubleshooting, problem solving and on-site technical assistance any time a problem arises

In charge of the technical analysis of customer claims

Responsible for supporting the Sales Team during customer visits when technical advice on specific topics is needed

Responsible for the management and creation (when needed) of the materials

Technical Data Sheets


Major in Polymer Science/ Chemical

At least 5 years working experience in the plastic industry

Thorough knowledge of engineering plastics, especially PA6, PA66 and PBT

Mastery of the injection molding and extrusion processes, devices, parameters, and material handling

Prefered knowledge of blow molding process

Prefered familiarity with mold-flow analysis

Prefered previous experience in the automotive sector

Strong analytical skills and strategic thinking capability

Excellent oral and written communication skills

Strong interpersonal skills and positive attitude

Self motivated and disciplined



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