Job Title

Design Supervisor


CNSH 1409-11

Job Description


To lead the Tooth Brush products innovation and development


The Design Supervisor will report directly to Senior R&D Manager.


To collect, comb and analyze the information and trends of oral care and products related, with the aim to help develop new-product strategies.

To be interactive with Consumer, Professional, researcher/commercial partners, seek consumer insights, professional insights and business trends. Ensure the development strategy is consumer oriented and aligned with Business needs.

To develop conceptual ideas, producing continuously new innovations of high competition.

To develop 2D, 3D designs and mock-up, prototypes, unit mold samples, provide the support to researcher team for concept and product study, ensuring new products to meet the consumer needs.

To guild supplier and confirm final CAD Drawings, SPECs. Optimize final design and samples.

Oversee product Lab testing as well as the user testing.

To innovate and develop packaging as part of the product, in order to better fit and build entire.


Communicate with Marketing for new product’s grid. Work with research team on the concept and product study.

Discuss and study with the rest of R&D team on the innovation strategy.

Partner with Engineering/manufacture team for current and new technology, material, Packaging, production feasibility and cost study.

Work with Patent/legal team, ensure CP IP leadership.


Visit consumer, customer, professional to find the insights and future innovation opportunities.

Guild suppliers to manage rapid prototyping, final CAD mold and samples.

Partner with outside innovators (supplier, design school, Design firm…) to explore new idea, technology, materials


Education: Bachelor’s degree in industrial design.

Experience: 4 years or above work experience on industrial design, Product design, structure designs, Strong engineering support knowledge.

Special Knowledge: Excellent CAD Design (UG prefer), Market research, consumer insight and analysis, Understand Injection/mold technology, Basic Material resin knowledge.

Drive Innovative Passion; lead the changes, Good implements skills, high responsibility.

Good cross functional capability & collaboration, also self-government. Inspiring & motivating others

Good communication skill, in English and in a virtual team some time



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