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Marketing Manager


CNSH 1407-7

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Our Client is a global leader in Retail/Furniture industry that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, appliances, and home accessories.


bring the COMPANY offer to the market in order to realise our vision; to create a better everyday life at home and to contribute to the effective achievement of our objectives by putting the consumers customer in focus.

enhance the COMPANY brand in our quest to be seen as the leader for life at home, and to attract new and returning visitors to our stores in order to gain sustainable sales growth. With deep understanding of the local people’s everyday life at home and home furnishing competence, the city market manager (CMM) will promote our offer using relevant and effective communication. This position will contribute to the national marketing strategy and investment plan to the local market to secure best ROI as well as coordinate the city stores and marketing resources in one market to cooperate towards one shared common commercial calendar and one external communication plan to secure a common COMPANY brand position on the market.


Mandate - Working as a supporting member of the Store Steering Group (SSG), CMM is responsible for relevant input on the local market to the yearly store business plan, with the different aspects of creating trust and understanding in COMPANY as well as communicating the offer. Sharing and working on the national marketing strategies, active integration and communication to the store management group is also required to secure close co-operation and good execution. CMM is responsible for securing the total marketing approach in the MMA and PMAs of the city – from analysis to plan, to action and follow-up. CMM is also responsible for liaising with the SO Marketing team, contributing to the national marketing plans with local market knowledge



I take ownership for the knowledge of city MMA and different PMAs; demographics, economy, competitors, consumers' life at home and shopping behaviours. I ensure we use these insights to create a city Market strategy and marketing action plan, that strengthens our position on the local market, secures existing customers, expands customer base and builds long-term sales growth and profitability. I also give strategic and tactical input to store business plan

I work with my store colleagues to ensure that we communicate our total offer in external media, online and offline, to generate traffic to our stores and thereby establishing us as the leader for life at home in our local market.


My main objectives are to build the COMPANY brand on the market and to increase the number of consumers visiting/revisiting the stores in order to secure growth and sustained long-term profitability. My goal is to expand our local home furnishing market share and increase the penetration in the PMAs. I do this by:

Working with the store steering groups to create the local market strategy by using the market insights to identify the business potentials on the market and based on that, including the national priorities; create a commercial/ communication calendar for the market in order to achieve our goals and KPIs.

Taking the national marketing communication plan, media strategy and the store business plan to develop a local store marketing action plan, aimed at optimising the business opportunities within the city, the MMA and the different PMAs.

Analysing and understanding how different consumer groups within our MMA and PMAs use different media so that I can target our communication efforts more accurately to optimise its effectiveness to reach my main objectives.

Ensuring the strength of each local media channel is maximised and that the total media mix is seamlessly integrated to create one consistent message in our local market.

Collaborating with the SO marketing team and my colleagues in other stores to share good ideas and successes and thereby develop and document best practices for COMPANY marketing in China.


Through my own actions, I help create a store environment where the COMPANY culture is strong and where the diversity of our customers and co-worker is valued.

I am responsible for my own development and look to my manager and my matrix for support in improving my competences.

I am responsible for team members’ learning and development and identify and develop key successors for key positions in the team.

I together with my managers and my store teams, work to optimise the co-operation between the stores in Beijing.


I ensure the store marketing plan supports the achievement of the agreed goals for BJ stores, secure local marketing budget controlling and use in the optimal way.

I set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on local consumer brand perception, conversion rates, visitation and cost


NingBo, China

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