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Senior Project Manager


IDJKT 1402-5

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Our client is a multidisciplinary consulting and engineering firm that offers a broad scope of services to a variety of clients. It is part of the global network consisting of approximately 55 offices in 25 countries. This extensive office network allows us to offer clients the best of both: integrated engineering and consultancy expertise combined with local knowledge.


Take responsibility for executing projects with regard to acquisition, design, purchasing and implementation, in accordance with the requirements set out in the project plan or commission with regard to budget, planning, safety and quality and taking account of client demands, in order to achieve the project’s objectives and optimize its financial result.


Project planning: take responsibility for the execution of inventorying and preparatory activities, in accordance with the tender to the client and the project plan and taking account of TQS policy and the rules in the TQS manuals, in order to gain an insight into the volume and feasibility of the work and the composition of the project team required to execute the project.

Project organization: Take responsibility for project organization and staffing, in order to assure quality, costs and deadlines and optimize the contribution of each discipline to achieving the project objectives.

Project realization: Manage the execution of the project, in accordance with the project plan, with regard to design, purchasing and implementation, taking account of the contractual agreements, planning, budget and quality demands, in order to achieve the project objectives.

Quality: Initiate, check and supervise the application of quality procedures by the project team, in accordance with legislation and regulations, client demands, TQS policy and the rules in the TQS manuals and the project plan, in order to meet the quality standards and/or demands regarding the project.

Safety: Initiate and monitor the execution of safety checks and reviews, in accordance with KVGWM standards, legislation and regulations and specific client demands, in order to assure the safety of all parties involved during and after the project.

Budget: Monitor the number of hours worked and the investment costs for the realization of the project, as well as settle issues related to additional or less work, taking account of the available time and budget for the project team and project implementation, in order to ensure that all activities are executed within the available budget and contribute to optimizing the project’s financial result.

Communication: Initiate and coordinate meetings and discussions with the project team and the client, prepare regular reports to the Management Team or the client, and defend changes with regard to progress, budget and planning, taking account of the wishes and needs of all parties involved, in order to provide an up-to-date insight into the planned and completed activities within the project.


Educational qualification BSc/ MSc in Engineering (Process or MEP)

Professional and intellectual level: BSc/ MSc

More than 8 years work experience as Project Manager in a technical project organization, in the field of process and/or MEP engineering

Good command of English, both in writing and speaking

Knowledge of / experience with: planning techniques and project management


Jakarta, Indonesia

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