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Mechanical Technician


IDJKT 1401-16

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Perform a variety of skilled tasks involved in the monitoring, inspection, diagnosis, and troubleshooting on mechanical equipment, maintenance, repair, and servicing on field and shop equipment, components, facilities, and machinery associated within the production of LNG.






Install, maintain, and repair mechanical equipment and process control, including air and gas compressors and gas turbines used for power generation, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems, pumps, hydro mechanical system and related equipment and apparatus used in the production, treatment, storage and distribution of LNG to ensure production process is running well.


Diagnose causes of mechanical malfunction or failure of operational equipment and perform preventive and corrective maintenance to ensure the reliability of mechanical equipment.


Conduct routine inspections including visual checks and equipment monitoring and to capture equipment repair status and reliability data; and enter into CMMS to ensure accurate data documentation.


Coordinate various maintenance and production support activities, such as but not limited to prepare equipment for maintenance and monitor maintenance activities within production units to ensure proper safety interface.


Communicate process equipment status, equipment availability and reliability issues with other personnel and shift personnel to provide accurate information.


Adhere to Permit to Work procedures to ensure plant runs safely, reliably, and in support of all goals


Read drawings and procedures in order to determine correct repair/calibration practices.


Respond to process upsets and emergency situation, including firefighting, equipment isolation, de-pressuring, and evacuation to provide caution in emergency situation.


Implement QHSE regulation within his/her area of responsibility in order to minimize any possible risk and comply with company and government regulation.




Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from college or university or Part Time Technical Courses or vocational.


Fluency in English speaking and writing.


Able to use precision and diagnostic instruments to measure, read and interpret plans, specifications, manuals and blueprints


Able to use hand tools, pipe-threaders, taps, dies and measuring instruments


Minimum of 5 years’ experience involved in the Mechanical Maintenance of a large industrial process plant.


Analytic and problem solver


Strong interpersonal skills


Good team working








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