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Employee & Industrial Relations Lead


IDJKT 1401-12

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Monitor, review and control industrial peace and smooth operations of industrial relations (no Industrial disturbances) according to company policy and the prevailing external law and regulations. Analyze and interpret bargaining trends and issues, as well as employment standard, regulations and laws in order to understand how these impact the organization and adapt employee relations practices as appropriate.


Ensure the company policies and procedures comply with the government laws and regulations.

Liaise with employee and their representatives to investigate and resolve employee grievances and develop strategies to prevent their recurrence in order to maintain a productive and harmonious workplace.

Ensure that employer-employee relationship in the organization is conducted in a way that complies with relevant company regulations, individual employment contracts, laws and other related policies and procedures.

Identify emerging HR issues by surveying and interviewing employees and studying job results documents.

Maintain HR records by documenting the incidents document.

Responsible of all related human resources’ company permits as per the government’s laws and relations.

Ensure that all the company’s contractors comply with the government’s laws and regulations.

Implement QHSE regulation within his/her area of responsibility in order to minimize any possible risk and comply with company and government regulation

Calculate and propose potential budget plan within his/ her area of responsibility in order to ensure all calculation is made timely, efficiently, and support the development of work unit budget

Coach and develop subordinates in his/her area of responsibility in order to ensure they have the skills & capability in performing more effective & efficient work within the organization.


Bachelor degree in any discipline.

5 to 8 years’ experience in Industrial Relations at oil and gas business sector and have experience in managing employees at the plant site or over 6 to 7 years’ experience in Oil & Gas industry.


South East Asia

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