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Community Relations Specialist


IDJKT 1401-10

Job Description


Develop, execute, monitor, and review overall programs related to community relations as well as development in local area to convey the company’s social responsibility to the community, Support the company operation at the plant site, by creating a conflict free environment and ensure the compliance of Good Corporate Governance.


Develop and execute the company’s community relations and development program in line with company vision and strategy that maximizes the public appreciation of the company.

Guarantee the preparation and execution of all company’s activities in relation to the local community.

Ensure the identification of social and local culture which might be a potential problem in the future and provide the information to superior.

Ensure the implementation social assessment, communication activities, extensions and awareness programs and mitigate potential conflicts in coordination with related departments to avoid disturbance or conflict with local communities.

Implement QHSE regulation within his/her area of responsibility in order to minimize any possible risk and comply with company and government regulation.


Bachelor in Social, Economic and Communication

Strong communication skills

Minimum of two years working experience in Communication and Relations


South East Asia

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